The most valuable aspect of being afraid is that when a person is fearful, they become uncritical and easily manageable. They must be easily manageable because otherwise they will begin to notice injustices and revolutions arise.

You don’t need to be a specialist to recognize the superficiality of pervasive fear. A mere glance around and you’ll understand: COVID today, war tomorrow, and migrant fears next week, conveniently diverting attention from pressing issues.

In reality, fearing migrants is unnecessary. Our concern should lie in our inability to secure our borders in the 21st century. The deteriorating fence, unmanned posts, and overspending on everything without any results highlight problems with simple solutions. There’s no place for fear.

Yet, those in control prefer to operate like beheaded roaches, moving their antennas rhythmically and only seemingly alive. The unpleasant thing is that in a completely unscientific, not to say impossible way, these beheaded cockroaches have learned how to absorb nutrients in all sorts of ways. Even contactless. For easy eating they only need to be left alone. That happens when we, their main supplier of food, are afraid. That’s why the government and their media have turned into an information bureau. They scare us diligently just as they carefully keep silent about the truly terrifying things (That’s another topic.)

Surely you’ve noticed that the ruling elites don’t inform us about their actions to solve problems but make sure we are told exactly why we should be afraid. They don’t want to solve problems because problems breed fear, fear breeds silence, and silence lets the roaches fatten up. Entire sub-committees, major committees, states, don’t react to certain irritants, they just acknowledge them. In a particularly alarming way.

However, solutions are lacking, even broad solutions. Because if we had solutions, fear will lessen, and that will open the door for some critical thinking.

BECAUSE thoughts TOO are dangerous. It IS LIKELY THAT soon the WHO will classify them as pandemics

And who knows what they’ll make us inject to survive according to their standards (Fear those!).

The system of fear assumes that we should fear events one after another. Fear is like pain. It’s hard to be afraid of two things at once. One always prevails. That’s why one fear per week is sufficient.

To be afraid of more than one thing is just a waste of fears.