The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.

Bertrand Russel

Being dumb is a choice.

It’s time to make a civilizational choice that will ensure you a more successful future. Just as you can switch your gender, the time has come for you to be able to choose to give up your intelligence.

If you were a good student, an excellent pupil, and, let’s not be modest – a smarty pants – don’t worry, or as the Spaniards would say – no te preocupes!
Your conscious rejection of intelligence will erase all these unpleasant memories from your biography. It sounds strange to say but intelligence is not a good thing. It sounds even stranger to say, but intelligence is even harmful. Mostly for you.

Welcome to the time of mental euthanasia!

Look around you. You live in a world where being smart is inconvenient.

The intelligent person attempts to have an opinion. Tries to stand out. To demonstrate qualities. He or she is not some ball bearing mindlessly spinning 24/7 in the corporate machine. A ball bearing that would maintain itself in decent physical shape in order to withstand job pressures over the years, and if possible – to croak immediately after retirement so as not to burden the pension system. No! The intelligent person wants to make comments, to contribute and to be critical.You don’t think any of the carefully guarded socio-economic systems need that, do you?

When you apply for a job, employers are not interested in your intelligence. They’d be OK with some, let’s call it operational intelligence, and that’s it. What they want I that you are diligent, polite and obedient. If possible, you should also be good-looking in order to populate generic office spaces in a more pleasant manner. But even more importantly – you should not cause problems!

And intelligence itself is a problem.

It leads to rebellion. Corporations don’t like rebellions. And neither do governments.

The intelligent person wants to be informed. Look around and you will quickly notice that you are not being informed.

The new world has no need for informed people. It needs consumption, currency indices and interest rates. It needs advertising, PR and propaganda. Where do you see yourself in it, you and your intelligence? Where do you see your children? In a future world, you will be convinced (you will be surprised how quickly this will happen!) to implant a chip into your neocortex, through which advertisements will flow right into your brain until you snap, go nuts, and decide to sell your organs to catch up on your consumer needs, kitchen remodels, Ozempic pills and your car payments.

So please, avoid being smart. Apart from it being harmful, intelligence will prevent you from being successful. Let me put it in more understandable terms: It’s not smart to be smart!

Therefore, act rationally and give up your annoying intellect. And anyway, they will soon release an artificial one that will be sold at 80% discount on Black Friday. Isn’t that good news?!

Welcome to the future!