You, anonymous, idiotic bastard, who destroys and creates hopelessness,

You pretend to be a person, but you’re not. You are a function of those who pay you. You hide behind the photo of some powerful animal, a lion, a puma. Or a $$$ sports car when need be. You have a stupid handle. You imitate thought and you spread stench. You, cretinous, anonymous bastard, know this – you are not paid to think, but to stink. And you are a professional stinker.

You taint others’ thoughts, opinions, and comments with your foul stench. You destroy the connections between people. You sow distrust and malice.

You are very witty and cruel, and just as anonymous. I get it, this brings you money. Alms. It makes you feel like a clever professional, but you are nothing more than a stinking function without a name. It is your bosses who take the real fat payoff allocated for this stench.

You will understand what you have done when tomorrow someone close to you might need better health(care) for example, and you, stupid bastard, will have contributed to the fact that she will not get it. Because someone with interests would have paid your bosses who would have paid you to make it so.

Tomorrow you will demand justice in court and you won’t get it. Because they would have paid you to make sure there is no justice to be had.

Tomorrow you will want your child not to become an idiot, but it will. Because you would have hindered people from fighting the idiotic system, of which you are also a function.

I know you. You, stupid anonymous bastard, you always have the last word. Even when you have nothing to come up with, you can still just write ‘****’ and go away. Right? Right?

In the evening you count your disgusting comments. Your bosses count the pennies earned. They are few, but not that much is expected of you, anyway. Just to stink, and that’s not that hard. Granted, other stinkers are breathing down your neck. Competition, so to speak. It’s not easy for you.

Tell me, you stupid bastard, how do you sleep? How do you look your mother in the eye? What do you tell her you do for work? Journalist? Editor?

What do you buy your child with this money? A future?

Do you provide happiness to your loved ones?

You, stupid bastard, think of yourself as the voice of reason, a censor or a demagogue. It’s a lie. You serve the desires of others. You serve hidden interests.

And hidden interests are always hidden for a reason.

Tomorrow they’ll get rid of you because you’ll be exhausted. Unfashionable. Unnecessary. Do you think you’ll evolve then and become something else? No! The stench will be ingrained in you. You will be branded and people around you will be disgusted. In the end, you will be left alone with your favorite creation – a big ‘****’ and a lot of time to think. Then you too will want to say something, to share or to revolt. But someone else will stink you up. A vicious circle, what can you do?

And now it’s you.

Go to work!