‘{I praise} the heroic deed of Pioneer Pavlik Morozov, the boy who understood that a person who is a relative by blood may well be an enemy of the spirit, and that such a person is not to be spared’


Here comes Komsomol Z – the vanguard of woke youth, the red-tinted brigade of socially conscious but socially inept Gen Zers constantly scouring online life and IRL to purge anything they deem problematic from the internet, the world and your private life. Armed with hashtag hashtags and fueled by overwrought angst, these socially conscious Sovietistas excel at purity councils to enforce compliance with their ever-quickening dogma.

Contradiction or dissent is swiftly met with dismissal as a -phobe, -ist or -ism. Independent thought? That can’t be anymore.

Because it is here, this Komsomol Z – the self-appointed commissars of cultural revolution 2.0, powering society’s Struggle Sessions via student protest show trials. Victory over incorrect thoughtcrimes is assured, by Any Means TV necessary! From the river to the sea!

Komsomol Z refuses to accept that it is the new Komsomol. It imagines itself to be progressive and free-thinking. It believes it is the bearer of progress. Komsomol Z, like the old one, like any Komsomol, is vain. It imagines that its youth compensates for its ability to be wise. It imagines that thinking and energy are interchangeable. Komsomol Z does not call itself Komsomol. It flirts with youth and beauty. In reality, it is neither smart nor beautiful. It is not smart because any Komsomol is doomed to be not smart. And it is not beautiful because stupidity cannot be beautiful.

The new Komsomol Z follows the line of the ‘new normal’. It is ready to make sacrifices in the name of the new order, and this makes it dangerous. Beware! Komsomol Z is widely supported by this ‘new normal’. For this reason, Komsomol Z feels even more justified and even more unpunished in its actions. Komsomol Z does not understand how deeply indoctrinated it is.

Komsomol Z
is evil.

It does not tolerate different opinions. Komsomol Z is capable of hurting, offending, and, if given the chance, biting.

It is not ashamed of this. It finds it right and useful. It considers it a natural course of evolution. Komsomol Z, by definition, does not doubt its truth. Komsomol Z is ready to go to war without regard for its loved ones. Even for its children. In fact, it should be known that Komsomol Z has no children, which facilitates its assigned tasks. Komsomol Z does not commit atrocities. It persuades in the only way it knows – with atrocities. This has always been a distinctive feature of Komsomol Z.

Komsomol Z has a reduced instinct for self-preservation. This is the first thing taken away when creating a Komsomol. Because a good Komsomol must be ready for self-sacrifice.

Komsomol Z is devoid of compassion.

Komsomol Z has no memory. If it did, it would be horrified at how much it resembles the old Komsomol. It resembles it in pathos, anger, and especially in its entrenched convictions.

Komsomol Z, like the old one, has one goal: to fill the void with the required number of inert people to shape the future order. But most of all, Komsomol Z hates the old Komsomol and it has convinced itself that it has nothing in common with it. Well…